Mariel's journey as a designer spans over more than a decade.

She has worked over fourteen years designing for renowned fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne or Haider Ackermann.

She grew up travelling around the world, gathering impressions of far away cultures from a young age. She keeps working with this sense of curiosity since she started making clothes at thirteen. 

With a deep love for the craft, she infuses a unique blend of craftsmanship, expertise and inspiration into her clothing. She uses clothing as an artistic expression in itself, imprinting each piece with a narrative of its own.

Her workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland serves as a sanctuary for her artistic vision, a place where she develops unique collections with textiles found during her travels around the world.

She works as a consultant for fashion houses and has designed costumes for the opera as well as cinema. You can find more on her website