Drawing is our second nature, and it is while travelling on the road that the magic takes place.

From colorful painting to concept details, all our ideas are put to paper in our travel books. We imagine, design, and develop original concepts as well as custom pieces.

Our pieces are made using fabrics from an extensive in-house collection of worldwide collected fabrics, trimmings and dead stock materials. 

All our prints are designed in-house.

Acting as a platform for design thinking, craftsmanship and making, our studio is where the creative process takes place. From concept, to pattern cutting, free-drapes and stitching, each of our pieces is made in a completely unique and artisanal way. 

Our brand wouldn't be as filled with stories and anecdotes without the talent and vision of our collaborators.

We always strive to push boundaries of design and craft.

Our original embroideries are made between Madras and Bombay,

Our batiks are hand made in the desert of Kutch using innovative, AZO-free wax printing techniques,